The archive is broken down into three sections, with each post arranged chronologically within those sections.

At whatever points that Sebastian, Boone or Olivia’s narratives intersect, those posts are presented within each section, so that the threads can be more easily followed.

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Plymouth UnsplashSebastian Malloy

Sebastian Malloy is an author and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He sometimes sleeps in the bath, for no reason that he wishes to share with the general public, and he likes to tempt fate by standing in open bodies of water during thunderstorms.

He has been called a genius, a madman, and a baboon, and his biography has been scribbled on a cocktail napkin by his good friend Rivi Fitzgerald, then used to wipe the lipstick off her face, and left crumpled behind on a barroom floor.


Coit UnsplashBoone Novak

Boone Novak once saw the ghost of a dead woman standing outside his bedroom window, although he prefers to believe it was just a dream brought on by a piece of underdone potato. He knows how to swim, but prefers to stay on land, which his frequent partner-in-crime, Tina Dowling, refers to as “chickenshit.”

He once dated a woman who wasted away into nothingness, but he has locked that period in his life inside a small iron box, and refuses to open it except in sleepless autumn nights, when the rain is pounding against the bedroom window, and the ghost is hovering outside, refusing to let the water make her wet.


Sparkler UnsplashOlivia Flynn

Olivia Flynn never falls for the right sorts of men, has the internal scars to show for it, and the alcohol tolerance level to match. She pretends to sleep when on public transportation so no one will try to strike up a conversation with her, and she is secretly in love with earthquakes.

She has never taken a train, but she likes to dream about going across the country to the East Coast, one-way, and never coming back.


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